The Garbstore

What is Garbstore.ten?

The Garbstore
What is Garbstore.ten?

What is Garbstore.ten?

September 2017 sees the opening of Garbstore.ten, a store created to celebrate a decade of the innovative British menswear brand, Garbstore. Set in the heart of London’s Seven Dials, the space will introduce a series of collaborative projects, events and rotating exhibitions.

Then, now & future: Garbstore has had the opportunity to work with some of the most inspirational brands and designers over the last ten years and the opening of the anniversary store allows us to play homage to these relationships and create something exclusive and unique for our loyal customers and fresh faces alike.

From heritage to innovation, Garbstore.ten will provide a showcase for craftsmanship and design, old and new. Concepts so integral to the Garbstore brand when it launched ten years ago and still fundamental to this day.

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5 Minutes with Ian Paley

We grabbed 5 minutes to chat with Garbstore Founder, Ian Paley, to find out more about the past 10 years and what’s yet to come.

What made you decide to open Garbstore.ten?

We have been planning to open a second location in London for a few years now, we feel like we have looked at every shop in the capital! Our ten-year anniversary presented us with a unique opportunity to try something new and wander a little from our normal path. As always, we have curated brands that aren't widely available in the UK; we also wanted to collaborate with our designers we have worked with over the years to offer limited edition products to celebrate our anniversary.

What have been your highlights over the last ten years?

Menswear has been very interesting over the last few years, 10 years ago it was easy to stand out, all you needed was good design and good product and generally you were set, the decade has seen standards across the industry increase to a point where it's much harder now to find something that isn't good. We are at a point now where heritage has returned to its rightful niche and streetwear has dominated fashion, offering the highest image and accolade for often the lowest price point. I think the next decade will reel from this as the impact across the manufacturing part of the industry will be severe. We are heading for direct to consumer in all aspects of industry.

The real highlights for us are internal, seeing our staff grow, having more and more people around, serving customers for a decade.

How do you go about sourcing new labels?

We travel, it's the only way. Meet people and be open to seeing new things, we are always interested in brand owners and their stories, we spend a few months each year in Asia and the USA. 

Why did you decide to launch the store in Seven Dials?

We wanted to open something in a very central location, we are right next to Cambridge Circus, pretty much slap bang in the middle. Seven Dials has developed into a real area for all aspects of menswear, I like the feel, it’s accessible without trying too hard, also what we do isn't really covered in the area which is pretty unique for London where many, many shops are all selling the same things.

Tell us more about Sunday Dispatch - the AW17 Garbstore collection?

The idea for Sunday Dispatch really comes from reading about what life was like here in the 17th Century, Sunday Dispatch was the postal coach that would head west out of London, a journey we all take every week. I guess its influenced by all aspects of delivery.

Can you tell us about the Sanpak x Garbstore collaboration?

As part of our anniversary, it was important to me to bring something back that hasn't been in the market place for a while. We discovered Sanpak in Tokyo, a long journey to a sleepy office on the outskirts opened up a great opportunity to discover long lost designs and put them back into work. Also a terrific company that certainly knows how to make bags!

Can you tell us more about the Reebok Archive Project - The Next Step?

This was really something that was high on our list to try and do, we have now a very long-standing relationship with Reebok. We have worked now for 5 years on all sorts of projects some public, some internal. I was lucky enough to have access to the archive right at the start, before it was in order. It really is astounding how much innovation is unseen, the influence on the genre as a whole is staggering and really most of it is unknown. I felt it very important to start to tell some of these stories and show just where things really came from. The next step will be a series of exhibits charting this story, from running through to future innovation, each exhibit focusing on what collectively is agreed to be the most important 10 shoes of that era.

Can you tell us the story behind the man featured in the Garbstore.ten graphic?

He represents the time our ideas were formed, the 70's, he also represents industry and science, he is our unofficial mascot, our unknown hero.